For The Love of Dolphins!


Our projects bring health & wellbeing to areas of the world that need it most

Dolphins Need Our Help

We are currently planning our next fundraising event in Atlanta, GA. We promise it will be fun, and as always, 100% of the funds collected will directly impact the wellbeing of dolphins.

Tsavo Water Bowser Project

Our most recent project raised funds for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, providing care to the animals of the Tsavo National Park in Kenya, where young elephants are on the brink of survival due to lack of rainfall.

Esupetai Water Well Project

Thank you for making the Esupetai water well a success. Your contribution will enhance the quality of life of the region for 65 years.

Fundraiser Progress

Percentage raised vs. goal for each ongoing project.
100% of current funds support bottle-nosed dolphins.

Founded in 2010, The WellBeing Foundation is a community of caring and committed volunteers. We work together to raise money and put it to use for the benefit of all life on Earth. When we learned of the Maasais' struggle to find drinking water in Esupetai, Kenya, we built a well to sustain the local Maasai for 65 years. Now that the people are taken care of, we are fighting for the survival of the endangered elephants in the Tsavo National Park of Kenya. Although our focus will change, our mission remains the same - to create well-being for the whole world. Come back to see the status of our projects, and know exactly what difference your donation is making for the world!

  • Make a Difference for Dolphins

    We are in the process of creating our next project to help dolphins thrive.

  • Tsavo National Wildlife Park

    Support the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust by fundraising.

  • Protect The Well

    Build a wall to protect the well from wildlife (elephants play hard!)

  • Esupetai Water Well

    Drill a well for access to clean water.


The WellBeing Foundation is a culturally diverse group of friends, living to make a difference.
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Alisa Abdullaeva

Alisa Abdullaeva is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counselor. Alisa traveled to Esupetai, Kenya in 2012, where the Wellbeing Foundation installed the first water well. While in Kenya, she visited the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, where she forever fell in love with elephants.
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Ann Bassarab

Chief Inspiration Officer
Ann has lived in Africa for nearly 20 years, teaching the Zulu Language at the University of the Witwatersrand, as well as working and living in the Maasai Community near Narok in Kenya. Her interests are in community development, conservation and in ethnographic art and design.
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Patrick Beugnon

Treasurer/Engineering Director
Patrick owns a commercial real estate firm in Atlanta, GA. Patrick is fluent in French, English, and Italian and is conversational in Spanish. He lends a wealth of financial, technological and international experience, because he cares.
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Sorina Cleopatra-Iliescu

Research Team Co-Lead
Ms. Iliescu graduated with a BS in Engineering from Transylvania University, Romania, as well as a MS in Psychology in VA. Currently she works as a teacher at North Cobb High School in Georgia. A mother of two, her passions include painting, writing and publishing poetry.
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Jonathan Embrose

IT Team Lead
Jonathan joined The Wellbeing Foundation in 2011 to be part of a high-performing team making a difference as far away as Kenya. He didn’t expect to make friends there! At home in Atlanta, GA, Jonathan is a champion of culture and innovation serving as Marketing & Communications Manager in the commercial tile industry and moonlighting as a business coach.
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Beth Hawkins

Beth traveled to Kenya in 2012 with The Well Being Foundation. While in Kenya, Beth adopted an elephant. Through this connection she became aware of the poaching problems in Africa and is committed to helping achieve a harmonious coexistence between humans and all animals.
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Dr. Ada Frazier Turner

Admin Team Lead
Dr. Ada Frazier Turner, Doctor of Dental Surgery-retired; Health & Wellness Coach and Longevity Consultant. Graduated University of Arizona, BS, Physics & Chemistry; Meharry Dental School, DDS; Harlem and Sydenham Hospitals Residency in GD. Global world traveler. Humanitarian & Ecologist.
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Darrell Turner

Project Management Team Lead
I’m a retired, certified Project Management Professional with experience in domestic and International projects in a broad range of industries including technical product development in the semiconductor industry, ASML (Veldhoven, Netherlands), Medicaid, Healthcare (ACS division of Xerox), CRM, Telecom, Insurance (Cap Gemini & PriceWaterhouseCoopers) and Consumer Goods, (Proctor & Gamble, and Georgia Pacific), among others. I currently enjoy working with my photography business.
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Kiné Corder

Admin, Finance and Leadership Teams Co-Lead
Kiné Corder is a National Certified Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in financial therapy and stress management. She is also the CEO of Presidential Lifestyle, a wellness company focused on wealth in all of it’s forms. Kiné designed a special program for high-achievers, helping them reach their wealth goals without sacrificing their wellness and their relationships. She is a proud daughter, mother of adopted twins, and a grandmother. From her business mission to her personal mission Kiné has dedicated her life to serving and making a significant impact on her family, her patients, her community, and the world. My life’s mission is to use my gifts to help others discover their gifts, says Kiné.
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Dayna Hines

Research Team Co-Lead
Dayna is a Database Engineer for Fraud Technology at Bank of America. She loves traveling, scuba diving, surfing, running, yoga, and her two awesome pups, Kona and Rusty. She’s a co-lead for our Research and Development Team, as well as, a member of our Project Management Team. Her passion is the transformation of global systems to create a world where all beings can thrive.

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